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Our Partners Need Our Help

Support our Covid-19 Campaign: Covid-19 Emergency and Recovery Support for Baucau

Timor-Leste is currently facing challenges with accessing PPE, medical equipment and supplies. This is an uphill battle for a small fledgling nation. Our partners in Baucau, like local NGO AFEHABAD, are doing their best but they need our help.

COVID-19 presents significant challenges for Timor-Leste, which is the both the youngest nation and the poorest country in our region. In Timor, most people live on less than $1 a day. In addition, on the ground, regional communities like Baucau are experiencing a marked increase in poverty. As markets close down and people isolate, households, particularly in areas outside Dili, are feeling the impacts. Food security is a growing issue, domestic violence is increasing. 

Your donations will support the ongoing work of Friends of Baucau and our partner organisations in Baucau. Please give now: