Monthly Archives: December 2018

Friends of Baucau support the development of Permaculture Practice

Following up a request from our Friends in Baucau, we are looking for ways to support local initiatives to promote greater use of permaculutre in household gardens and in school community gardens.

Recently, 10 young people from five Suco of Baucau Vila (Admin Post) attended the Perma Youth Camp, 26th Nov – 1st December 2018 ably led by the Peresident of the Baucau Friendship Association, Xefe of Samalari Suco, Rui Sequeira. Friends of Baucau collected funds to pay for their registration and transport and each of the participating Suco’s provided tools and equipment for their week long learning about Permaculture in Timor-Leste.

In Samalari Village many of the households have already introduced household vegetable gardens based on permaculture principles.  The hope is that these young people can support their respective villages to use permaculture in starting up or improving their household gardens.

Our second initiative for which we are collecting funds now is to establish a School Community Garden in Bucoli’s Basic Education Central School. Watch this space for more developments.