Monthly Archives: September 2015

Justice in the Timor Sea : get informed

Janelle Saffin has recently been included in a Fairfax/Westpac list of Australia’s most influential women for her work in Timor-Leste. As senior legal advisor to the East Timorese government, she wishes to give back to the Timorese the area which they rightfully own according to UN convention on the Laws of the Sea. We are thrilled that she could donate her time to highlight areas of injustice at a public forum this October, and warmly invite you to attend.

Timor-Sea Flyer - Draft Flyer 4

Hateke ba kotuk photographic exhibition

We are proud to sponsor the following photographic exhibition, retelling the stories of migration from Timor Leste to Melbourne, from 1975 to present day. The official opening will be a lot of fun, with Timorese food and dancing. If you can’t make it to the opening, just pop in to the library during opening hours in October to check it out.